Comeback Town USA

Bill Stamps SrBill coined the phrase Come Back Town USA after the 1964 Tsunami. Crescent City, California would never be the same after the tsunami. Most of downtown was destroyed. Many dedicated citizens did all they could to rebuild the downtown area, but the historic town was lost. Bill Stamps was a local radio personality and his love for our community was felt by all. We miss you SOB (Sweet Ole Bill).

About this website

This website is a place for you to voice your ideas on how we can make Crescent City & Del Norte County a better place to live, work, play and for others to visit. It’s ok to think “out of the box”. No idea is a bad idea, others may suggest ways to improve upon your idea. This is our chance to let our community leaders and businesses know what we are thinking. Hopefully, we will see some of our ideas implemented.

Video taken in early 1960's of Del Norte County and Crescent City.  Courtesy of the Hembree and Bigham families.